Why Nearly 66% of Leaders Can’t Seem to Generate the Level of Effectiveness They Want From Their Team?

Do you ever wonder why you spend most of your day dealing with team conflict or low level process or customer related issues?

Have you figured out why when you try to address performance or operational problems in your team; you get absolutely no feedback from staff?

Everyone tells you that you’re doing a good job, but why do they complain to others about your leadership style, and lack of engagement?

Does it feel like you just keep hiring the wrong people?

It’s Possible That It Could Be You…

Many organizational performance and productivity problems can be traced back to something leadership is either doing poorly, or not doing at all.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many leaders, when asked, believe they have effective behavioral and people skills despite the fact that their peers, direct reports, and senior leadership believe otherwise.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see those trouble areas that others can see very clearly; we call them “blind spots.”

The blind spots are behavioral patterns or style flaws that can derail us, but we are unable to see them ourselves; therefore they may go uncorrected for years.

That’s why coaching is so invaluable

Thought coaching was just something that was for leaders at the executive level?

No, even frontline leaders like you need coaching support from time to time, to provide an objective perspective to help identify those “blind spots”, and help guide you back to peak effectiveness.

Here’s What Coaching Can Do for You

  • Coaching can help you accelerate development even in areas of strength.

  • Coaching can help you identify blind spots in behavior or personality, and get back on track.

  • Coaching can help you stay motivated and directed, by providing a sounding board from someone who´s been there.

The Real Proof That Coaching Works!

I met Robert in West Africa where he worked several years as Development Manager. He took the time to give me a listening ear, and provide me with the kind of mentoring guidance everyone should have in their career. I highly recommend him as a mentor and coach.

Cristian Eteo
Cristian Eteo EG LNG, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Ana worked with our firm on several occasions facilitating workshops, and holding one-on-one coaching sessions with the leadership team in order to assist us in developing strategic goals. She was able to quickly understand our issues, analyze the problems, and provide sound solutions. Ana’s professionalism and calming personality made the process both educational and enjoyable.

Carmen Alvarez
Carmen Alvarez De Verbena, Madrid, Spain

Ocalm Solutions has been a great partner in a series of initiatives; whether coming through at the last minute to facilitate an event, or to offer consultative guidance and insight for implementing on strategy. The level of service and assistance has been top notch, and crafted to the scale of our business operations.

Marcus Brown
Marcus Brown People’s Tax Service, Houston, USA

How Does It Work?

  • After scheduling a time to meet using our online calendar, you will receive a short questionnaire for you to complete. It’s important you submit it as soon as possible to make your coaching session as effective as possible.

  • Using virtual meeting technology, an experienced Ocalm Solutions representative will contact you and listen to your concerns as it relates to your particular workplace challenges.

  • Your designated coach will offer reasonable advice on your specific challenges based on researched data, and proven solutions developed over years of managing small and large groups.

Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason before going through the coaching session you think it isn’t what you need send us an email and we’ll gladly refund the whole amount you paid.

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