Political Correctness In The Workplace…or Not?


In the US we are currently in the early stages of a political season, and it seems that the most outrageous rhetoric is ruling the day.  There also seems to be a groundswell of people who take offense at being held to standards of “appropriateness”, or “political correctness”. While we are still nearly a year…

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Giving and Receiving Feedback


Whether you are a frontline supervisor or executive leader, at some point in your job you will have to give or receive feedback. A peer in the field recently asked a question regarding the rising difficulty in giving and receiving feedback in both the work environment and personal life. There are countless books and articles…

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Fire All the Supervisors


Some years ago I spoke with a colleague who was sitting alone in the lunch room. He usually ate alone because most of his team members and peers had become frustrated with him. He was failing in almost every aspect of his job which involved dealing with people. His team complained about his constant “micromanaging”,…

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THE OLYMPICS – Linking Competence, Performance, and Leadership


Viewers in nearly every country across the globe recently witnessed one of the grandest sports spectacles in the world, the 30th Olympiad recently held in London, England. Athletes from around the world gathered to do one thing, demonstrate to a global audience the level of competence they had attained. Perhaps you were expecting the statement…

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