Here’s Why Many Conferences and Seminars on Leadership & Human Capital Management Themes Fall Short…

Sometimes organizers fail to recognize the importance of having a speaker who can not only present well, but has the experience, credibility, and energy to address such important topics effectively.

  • Have you ever attended an event and got lost in the details and thought “what was that speaker trying to say?”
  • Have you ever wished the speaker would just hurry up and finish, because their presentation was dry and boring.
  • Did the last event you hosted or attended lack that sort of energy that you’d hoped?
  • Ever noticed how you can enter an event thinking one way, but because of the speaker’s presentation you left energized and thinking an entirely different way?

It’s Possible to Transform Your Audience...

Sometimes event organizers and attendees are not very clear on what a speaker’s job is. Well to put it simply, in Ocalm Solutions we believe it is our job to “transform” the audience.

When a message needs to be delivered it should be not only compelling content, but it should also be presented in a way that energizes the audience and convinces them to think about something in a different way.

We try to make our presentations as interactive as possible, meaning we get the audience involved. We believe that nobody is moved, or learns anything new that they don’t invest themselves in.

Why Do Organizations Call On Us?

They consider us “subject matter experts” in:

  • Areas of Leadership Effectiveness and Development
  • Areas of Human Capital Management and Development
  • Areas of Organizational Change, and Development
  • Areas Related to Pressing Social Issues

Our presentations have been delivered to diverse audience of all ages, genders, cultures and occupations. We have presented to audiences as small as 5 and large as 500. So don’t let the size of the event dissuade you from contacting us.

Here’s What Our Resources Can
Do for Your Organization

  • Help persuade a group on an important issue.
  • Deliver content and message that is better delivered by someone other than a member of your organization.
  • Present in a style that is both motivating, interactive, and informative.
  • Help educate a group, and raise awareness about a particular subject.
  • Clarify and simplify a complex subject matter.

See what others are saying...

I thought the content and presenter were top-notch and I left with concrete ideas on strategies I can implement in my own company.  I appreciated that the presenter, Robert Glaspie, had rich global and diverse cultural experiences that added greatly to course content.

Michelle Dass Pickard
Michelle Dass Pickard Executive Director - Institute of International Education (IIE)

Robert provided an excellent presentation on leadership development in a foreign culture and impressed not only myself with the issues and solutions related to that but also the audience. I am glad to have been able to work with Robert on this event and look forward to working with him again.

Megan Roiz
Megan Roiz Director of Content Development - Stone Fort Group

Robert Glaspie with Ocalm Solutions provided a great presentation to our youth group on how images shape perceptions and influence behavior. It was both interactive, and educational; as well as tailored to the audience. Our kids were excited, participative and are looking forward to us having him out again.

Previn Jones
Previn Jones Youth Coordinator - Trinity Gardens Church

Here’s A Small Sample of The Types of Engagements
We’ve Been Invited to Present

Conferences and Seminars for Human Resources and Training Professionals

Applying New Tools In Different Cultures

“Glaspie, a panelist at the Upstart Spring Summit held Tuesday and Wednesday in Houston, likened the challenges facing the industry in dealing with cultures in other countries to the generational challenges faced by the industry amid the “Great Crew Change.”

Hiring, Identifying and Growing Leaders

The search for new leaders to continue your enterprise growth is non-stop. Real solutions are offered during this session on attracting leaders as new hires as well as identifying and developing leaders from within. This hands-on session will provide a blueprint with actionable ideas and concepts to implement and guide your programs.

  • How to attract, train and retain leaders
  • What are their key attributes
  • Identifying players with high potential

Community-based Events Hosted by For-Profit and Non-Profit Organizations

“Does Image Matter?” - Bridging The Gap Between Law Enforcement and The Community

This short but highly interactive presentation is designed for youth and adults alike, to raise awareness on how perceptions are formed through the images we see. Using simple but powerful imaging exercises and social media images, participants will experience how quickly perceptions are formed; discuss how they can affect our lives, and how we should respond to it all. We will answer the question, does image matter?

Can You Name That Tune? Understanding And Appreciating Generational Differences

More increasingly leaders of all types have to deal with generational differences within their organization. Bringing together people with different ideas, mindsets, communication styles, and people born in different eras can either cause chaos or can be a thing of beauty.

Sometimes those born in earlier generations are frustrated by new technology and the pace of change, and those of later generations require both technology and change to perform well, and to stay motivated. How are leaders supposed to manage this ever present challenge as effectively as possible? Well, they can begin by understanding it a bit better.

This is a short but interactive and fun presentation for audiences of all ages. We use music, slogans, dances, and images as generational markers to help each other understand and appreciate the differences in each generation.

So Let Us Be a Part of Your Next Event!
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