Political Correctness In The Workplace…or Not?


In the US we are currently in the early stages of a political season, and it seems that the most outrageous rhetoric is ruling the day.  There also seems to be a groundswell of people who take offense at being held to standards of “appropriateness”, or “political correctness”. While we are still nearly a year…

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Training Needs Analysis, Why Bother?


A colleague told me his company had conducted a leadership skills training workshop earlier in the year for all of their supervisors, but management was not satisfied with the results. According to him the trainer they used came highly recommended, and was a top notch facilitator. Most, if not all of the participants were raving…

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Giving and Receiving Feedback


Whether you are a frontline supervisor or executive leader, at some point in your job you will have to give or receive feedback. A peer in the field recently asked a question regarding the rising difficulty in giving and receiving feedback in both the work environment and personal life. There are countless books and articles…

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Fire All the Supervisors


Some years ago I spoke with a colleague who was sitting alone in the lunch room. He usually ate alone because most of his team members and peers had become frustrated with him. He was failing in almost every aspect of his job which involved dealing with people. His team complained about his constant “micromanaging”,…

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Maximizing Your Workforce Development Strategy


Often times when the new HR or Training Manager arrive at their new assignment, they find that they are the most concerned and focused on the development of the workforce. This may seem like an appropriate circumstance, given that all of the other line mangers are busy trying to meet the objectives related to their…

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Delegate for Development


Several years ago, I had the opportunity to work with Sarah, a leader of a small facilities management team. Sarah hadn’t taken a real vacation in over three years, because she was fearful of leaving her staff without her daily guidance. Even though she had managed this team for several years, and they were very…

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New Year’s Resolutions and Performance Goals


An annual tradition of many people in countries around the world, is to make a “new year’s resolution”. This is a ritual when people commit to achieving a personal goal; such as eliminating a bad or harmful habit, or starting something beneficial to themselves or others. When this annual goal is set, it is usually…

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Stop Conducting Annual Performance Appraisals


We have entered the time of year most employees, and many supervisors dread; the annual performance appraisal. This annual ritual is a process where organizations review and discuss the work performance of their employees for the past year, in hopes of improving individual and organizational competence. By now many of your employees are already feeling…

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Stephen Covey and Organizational Competence


Stephen R. Covey, the author of the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People passed away in July of this year and it sent shock waves around the globe. Covey was an educator, a businessman and a revered figure in the world of organizational and individual effectiveness. He was considered by some as “one…

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Are Your Most Experienced People Leaving The Organization? – Conducting a Job Analysis


I recently met a friend for lunch to celebrate a job promotion which he had been waiting on for several months. This promotion meant more responsibilities and an increase in pay; however, when he arrived to the restaurant he seemed quite agitated and annoyed. When I inquired, he explained that he had just left a…

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