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Before I send you your access details for you to start using the The Coffee Cup Conversation technique, let me ask you one more question:

How would you like to have an experienced representative help you get the most out of the report, resolve your doubts and give you a specific course of action for your most challenging scenarios?

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There Is A Reason You Keep Putting Off Having More Effective Engagements With Your Employees

Although The Coffee Cup ConversationTM is a simple technique to use, there are some who find learning and adopting new things difficult, it’s one of the main reasons for putting things off.

That’s one of the reasons we form habits and get comfortable using the same methods we’ve always used, even if they are not as effective as we would like.

Have you ever wondered why many leaders have shelves of books and products that they’ve never read or used?

Well, it’s not all your fault…
Sometimes we just need a little push to get started

We recognize that like most people, leaders have different learning styles. So we are offering this extra help to get you started with more confidence.

Let us provide you a little coaching to help you on your way. Thought coaching was just something that was for leaders at the executive level?

No, even frontline leaders like you need coaching support from time to time, to provide an objective perspective to help identify those specific areas that you are struggling with in mastering this technique.

Here’s What Coaching Can Do for You

  • Coaching can help you accelerate development with conducting The Coffee Cup Conversation.

  • Coaching can provide an opportunity to ask the kind of questions you need to alleviate any doubts you may be having.

  • Coaching can help you stay motivated and directed, by providing a sounding board from someone who´s conducted many of these conversations.

This coaching session will help you better understand how to deliver this technique in a way that better suits your style, and work environment, so that you can do it with more confidence.

How Does It Work?

  • After scheduling a time to meet using our online calendar, you will receive a short questionnaire for you to complete. It’s important you submit it as soon as possible to make your coaching session as effective as possible.

  • Using virtual meeting technology, an experienced Ocalm Solutions representative will contact you and listen to your concerns as it relates to your particular workplace challenges.

  • Your designated coach will share some personal experiences with you, walk you through scenarios similar to your work environment and situation, and then answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason before going through the coaching session you think it isn’t what you need send us an email and we’ll gladly refund the whole amount you paid.


We normally charge $250 for a 1 hour coaching session, which I think you would agree it’s a reasonable price for a one-on-one engagement with an expert

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Remember, you will get a chance to speak about your specific situation and have an experienced coach give you the kind of guidance you need to get you started, and it’s 100% money back guaranteed so you can’t possibly lose money. It’s a no brainer.