Who We Are?

About Ocalm Solutions

We are a leadership development solutions provider with a global presence. We are based in the US and Spain; with partners in the US, Nigeria and Ghana.

The diverse nature of our company reflects one of our core values; that diverse teams are crucial to sustained success.

We have worked with leaders at all levels across the globe discover a better way to implement on strategy, lead their teams, and develop a renewed energy and joy for the work they do.

What We Believe

Our diverse experiences have informed some of our deepest beliefs and values, which we continuously share with leaders regarding the people they lead.

  1. We believe the most effective leaders are those who are not only technically competent, but those who have successfully integrated those technical skills with principle-centered behaviors and values.
  2. We believe the most effective leaders are those who promote trust throughout the organization, and who delegate, empower, and support the people they lead.
  3. We believe that “There are no "magic pills', or 'quick fix solutions" when It comes to helping people learn, develop and perform to their highest capability.
  4. We believe that "Tools and systems don’t develop people; people develop people," so we facilitate that process of human interaction.
  5. We believe that in order to get the greatest joy and benefit from our business, it is important that we demonstrate the kind of people-centered leadership we teach, by giving back in a socially responsible way.

Why Target Front-line Leadership?

While not ignoring other levels of leadership, Ocalm Solutions intentionally focuses on the frontline level; as they have the most direct impact on people development and success, and organizational and cultural change outcomes.

Although this is not a groundbreaking concept, it is one that we have found to be often overlooked or undervalued.

After several years of working with various organizations around the globe and through our interactions with frontline leaders, we have determined that they often feel a lack of control in what is often a mid-management role.

Due to corporate culture or budgetary constraints, these leaders sometimes lack the kind of authority and support they need to make immediate and impactful decisions about the staff they lead.

Therefore our goal is to provide them with the types of practical, easy to implement tools and resources they need to make the kind of impact they desire.

You are in good hands...

The passion that drove us back in 2009 when we met in West Africa; helping leaders develop their staff to the highest levels while maximizing their own capability is the same passion that drives and guides us now!