All of our instructor-led workshops are an interactive learning experience. We use an active training method which allows participants to learn at a style and pace that is best suited for adult learning.

In this facilitated learning environment you have a chance to test learn leadership theory, and simulate it in a safe environment before you try it out back on the job.

We provide participants with materials to be used in the workshop and to serve as a valuable resource to take back to the job.

Frontline leaders especially, have a very dynamic job trying to manage the business while guiding their team.

This often-hectic schedule can result in leaders failing to focus on their own personal development. That´s why we make sure the focus is on busy leaders.

We design all of our engagements to just the right length and depth to maximize your time.

Ocalm Solutions offers interactive workshops that not only inform, but allow participants an opportunity to test the "real life scenarios" they are dealing with on the job, and gain the knowledge and confidence they need to deal with the challenges that hinder employee development and performance.

We design and customize our workshops to address the challenges leaders tell us they experience as they manage and guide their workforce.

We will continue to update this section with fresh resources and offerings as we continue to engage leaders and assess their challenges.

This is a highly interactive five-day program that covers five core leadership areas that impact your role as a leader, as well as coaching support after the program to help you be more effective back on the job and to help maximize learning.